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Why is a Good Lawn Important in Springs, NY? Healthy Grass is Good for Environment, Reduces Noise & More

Homeowners across the country dream of a perfectly healthy, manicured lawn that will bring them glory and make them the envy of the neighborhood. A healthy lawn is much more than just the color and density of the grass; in fact a healthy lawn can boost curb appeal, increase property value and enhance your landscape features. There are countless hidden benefits to keeping your lawn in top notch condition. Mickey’s Lawnscapes outlines some of the benefits of a healthy lawn below.

A Healthy Lawn is Good for the Environment

Keeping your turf grass healthy can reduce the amount of run-off, minimize the effects of erosion, purify the air, neutralize airborne carcinogens, and increase the absorption of rainwater.

How Does Grass Reduce Glare & Noise Pollution?

You may not realize it, but your turf grass creates a surface which is non-reflective, allowing it to soften and minimalize the glare created by the sun. Trees, bushes, and shrubs on the other hand are beneficial when it comes to absorbing sound created by traffic, and other types of machinery. In fact according to independent research your lawn can reduce noise by up to 30 percent.

Grass Can Help Clean the Air

A well maintained and healthy lawn can purify the air: Your lawn, just like other plants absorbs carbon dioxide and expel it back into the atmosphere in the form of oxygen and carbon. As surprising as it sounds the lawn outside the average size home is capable of providing enough oxygen for a family of four on a daily basis.

Improve Quality of Lawn Soil

Turf grass is a perennial which means that the root structure dies off and lies dormant in the winter months and reestablishes itself in the spring. The dead roots break down and are absorbed back into the soil in the form of organic matter. The clippings that accumulate during mowing will also break down to help with improved soil quality. This in turn allows for a better quality and more fertile soil that can filter air and water.

Keep Temperature Down with a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn not only helps keep your feet cool when you walk outside during the summer months, it can also have a cooling effect on the environment. According to research, the temperature above your lawn can be up to 30% cooler than those above a paved area.

How Do I Keep My Lawn Green & Healthy?

Your knowledgeable Mickey’s Lawnscapes expert understands that each homeowner’s lawn is different with its own set of unique requirements. With a fully customized lawn care program, your A Gorgeous Lawn care specialist will diagnose your existing issues, identify any concerns, and evaluate your lawn for potential and current health issues along with customizing a unique program designed to keep your lawn in the best condition that it can be.

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Contact the experienced lawn care experts at Mickey’s Lawnscapes to schedule a professional lawn care evaluation and speak with a customer service representative regarding lawn maintenance services and much more for your East End, NY home or business.

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