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About Us

As a local company, we know exactly what it takes to produce the very best lawns and landscapes in our native area. We have designed and maintained landscapes on the Southfork of Long Island since 1983. We cover everything from your landscape design, Installations to Maintenance. Designing a landscape involves knowing not only what grows best in a certain place but knowing how it will grow over time and seasons.

When you work with Mickey’s, you see your dreams become reality, whether you’re dreaming of a flower garden, a new landscape, new lawns, or patios, we create beautiful designs to help you envision your needs, solve problems, and select plant materials most suitable for your property and specific growing conditions.

Our landscape services include Landscape Design & Installations, Flower Gardens, Lawn Remolds, Mulching, Sprinkler Checks, Plant Care, Tree and Shrub Services, and Trimming. Our lawn care division works with you to develop the best lawn maintenance plan for your lawn and budget. Whether you need scheduled Lawn Care, Aeration, Soil Tests, Sod Installation, Compost Tea, Top Dress, or a Complete Program.
Our custom-tailored landscape and lawn care services are designed with our dedication to customer satisfaction, Mickey’s Lawnscapes, Inc. will meet your unique vision and needs. We deliver an unmatched commitment to a job well done.

We work with you and your Architect for a landscape of your dreams, what you are looking for, not what we think it should look like. Helping guide you through the plant selection, your area of concern, or help you envision your new landscape. And if you want to plant Palm trees, we would not suggest it, but we will help you make sense as to why that is not a good idea but suggest alternatives to give you the same look that will grow in your landscape that you will love year after year.

​Mickey’s Lawnscapes, Inc., takes great pride in the rapport we establish with our clients. We work hard to earn your trust, your respect with quality and pride.
Our men have been with this company for well over 20 years, and some more than 30!
They have earned the respect of our clients and the community for their hard work, trusting nature, and the friendship they have with each other and our clients!

Many of your neighbors have come to rely on our professional approach and personal service. We hope you’ll depend on mickey’s lawnscapes to produce great results for you, too.

That’s our difference- Accountability and Trust.
We care and we listen!

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