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How Do You Landscape Around a Foundation in Riverhead, NY? How Close Can a Tree or Garden Bed Be & More

When people design their home’s landscape, all too often the home and its foundation is never considered or given a thought. Your property landscaping can have a major influence on your home and its foundation. Plant a tree too close and its roots can damage the foundation or the roof. Irrigation systems can allow water to flow underneath the foundation and cause the foundation pad to dissolve. Mickey’s LawnScapes would like to bring more attention to landscaping and how improper design can lead to major foundation issues.

How Close to the House Can a Tree Be Planted?

When designing your home’s landscaping make sure to give the foundation plenty of space. One primary example are trees. Trees, depending on their size can have a major impact on the foundation as well as the roof. When planting a large tree that grows over 70 feet, make sure to plant the tree at least 20 feet away from the home. Medium trees can be planted 15 feet away and small trees 10 feet away from the home. Before planting trees, do your homework and see how big the tree will grow and give them enough space to grow without impacting the home.

Can I Put a Garden Bed Next to My House?

Another major space issue are garden beds. Many homeowners want a garden bed in front of or next to the home. Although the plants may not harm the home, what about the water? Plants need water and the water can affect the home’s foundation. Water can weaken the pad and the water can saturate the concrete foundation and cause it to crack and break apart. Where plants help make a yard and a home beautiful, consider keeping garden beds away from the home.

How Do Landscapers Keep Water Away from Foundation?

When designing the irrigation system it is important that the sprinklers don’t oversoak the ground near the home. Additionally, the landscape should be higher than the house. Sometimes soil is added, making the ground higher. If water pools towards the home, then water will seep underneath it. When designing the landscape and irrigation system, it is important that the ground around the home doesn’t get too wet or puddle.

Landscaping Design Ideas

It is important to never design the landscaping that can affect the home or its foundation. If possible consider keeping all plants at least a foot away from the home. You can place a gravel boarder around the house which not only protects the home from water and plants, but also pests. Pests love plants and wet soil. You can reduce the amount of termites, ants, spiders and cockroaches from infesting your home. You can use potted plants close to the home. You can design a beautiful flower bed and plant your trees further away from the home. You may want to build a flower bed in view of the windows so you can enjoy your garden just as much as those who pass by. Trees can still cast shade over the home and in the yard if planned out properly.

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When designing your landscape you should consider the health of your home as well as have a beautiful yard. If you need help designing and constructing landscaping in your yard, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes.

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