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What Weeds Grow in the Winter in Laurel, NY? Invasive Henbit, Purple Deadnettle & Chickweed Lawn Problems

You’ve been battling summer weed, diseases, and pests throughout the spring and summer season. You may feel like with fall coming the battle is over. However, there is always a battle to be fought. Now with the fall coming, you will want to prepare for winter weeds. The top three most obnoxious winter weeds are the Henbit, Purple Deadnettle and Chickweed. Mickey’s LawnScapes will share how to identify and control these winter weeds.

Henbit & Purple Deadnettle Weeds

Henbit and Purple Deadnettle are both part of the mint family and can look very similar. There are some distinguishing features that do help separate the two. They both share square stems, clover shaped leaves, and purple blossoms. However, the growth patterns are one of the major differences of these two weeds. The purple deadnettle grows upwards and reaches towards the sun. The henbit grows more like a vine crawler and spreads on the ground and often through the grass. When it comes to agricultural lands these two weeds can have serious consequences, especially in soybean fields, and other crop fields. If left unattended these two weeds species can take over most pastures and crop fields. For home yards and landscaping, both types of weed will begin to develop and grow. Nonetheless, there are a number of methods on how to control these weeds. One is the “pull the weeds out by the roots” as they begin to grow, or the home owner can pre-treat the lawn with pre-emergent products to prevent any growth. Of course, regular mowing helps to stress the weed enough for the lawn to take over and eventually choke out the weeds.


Chickweed is part of the “pink” family and can be found in local lawns and yards. The interesting fact about chickweeds is that some types are an annual weed while others are a perennial. Mouse-ear chickweed is a perennial and grows close to the ground as it creeps along lawn and turfs. Common Chickweed is an annual variety of this species and will grow pretty much anywhere. The common chickweed and the mouse-ear chickweed are both very invasive plants and can take over an entire yard within a single season if left alone. The mouse-ear chickweed prefers to grow in disturbed or loose soil, sandy shores, moist wood and even in dry waste lands. However, they especially love growing in garden beds. One of the most annoying features about the mouse-ear chickweed is that is can reproduce through both seedlings and rooting of stem nodes. In other words, as the root spreads and grows, more stems can emerge from the ground making it look as if your have multiple weeds that actually come from only one root. Common chickweed creeps on the ground which gives it a shallow root system. They can be easily pulled or hoed out of the ground. The common chickweed likes to grow in cool damp earth which is why they grow during the fall and winter seasons. It is best to pull or remove the chickweed as they grow and before they seed. A single bush can develop and spread from about 600 to 15,000 seedlings each year, which causes chickweed to over take a large area.

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With the arrival of the fall season, now is the time to treat your lawn for the final battle of the year. You can use a weed and feed fertilizer that will help your lawn absorb extra nutrients before the lawn goes into hibernation. The fertilizer should also prevent these invasive weeds from growing or taking over your lawn while it begins to go to sleep and becomes suitable for a weed invasion. If you need help keeping your lawn safe from winter weeds, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today.

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