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Landscaping Ideas to Make Landscape Design Look Nice & Inviting in Mattituck, NY; Outdoor Living Spaces & More

The designs of landscapes have come a long way through innovative and creative thinking. From decades past, having a healthy patch of grass with a few bushes and a tree was enough, but modern landscapes include extravagant outdoor living spaces with adorning intricate and methodically placed, shrubs, trees, pathways and healthy turf. There are many trends, upgrades, and superb ideas that transforms your conventional yard into a personal oasis. Today, we at Mickey’s Lawnscapes would like to share a few incredible ideas to make your landscape more fitting to your lifestyle and preferences.

Design a Functional Landscape Plan

1) Adding Technology. In the landscape evolution, lighting options like LED and solar has come a long way and can be found in forms such as ambient, colored, bold, twinkling, and everything in between. With the right lighting your landscape can be sight to behold. Being incorporating into landscapes for those who want to combine nature and convenience includes features WiFi and entertainment centers, TV, and music.
2) Outdoor Living Spaces. It can be a beautiful place to host outdoor activities with a large expansion of extended family and friends, or keep it intimate with just the family when the weather is at its best. As such, many consumers are turning to incorporating beautifully designed outdoor kitchens, where the cooking can continue while enjoying the fresh air and good company. Your outdoor kitchen can be completely customized to blend in with your landscape, or make it stand out, as your options are limitless with the carpentry and/or masonry work.
3) Edible Advantages. A growing trend is turning the landscape into an ornamental garden as quite a few people are embracing the benefits of organic foods and the great taste of fresh consumables. While still enjoying the delightful scene, spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits are growing in strategically placed spectacle.
4) Walkways & Ponds. A few examples of including serenity into your landscape are freshwater ponds and stone walkways. Along with pathways etched into the lawn can give you the little escape of peace and calm in the convenience of your own backyard, ponds with the right foliage and lighting. To ensure the calming effects of your private sanctuary, utilize the soft and soothing hues as well.

Trending Principles of Landscape Design

– Stick with native plants and trees. In the years to come, native vegetation is easier to sustain and care. Your landscape will flourish, and the maintenance is simplified when you use the native plants.
– Fireplaces/ Fire Pits. A classic design in landscapes and one that will continue to trend for decades is enjoying a fire in a well-designed fire pit or fireplace to roast marshmallows and socialize. Masonry work comes into play when getting these practical commodities installed into your landscape, which adds a charming atmosphere, no matter if you enjoy the pit atmospheres to get in touch with your more nature side or prefer the sophistication of a fireplace.
– Install a drip system or irrigation. While not sacrificing a lush landscape, an excellent choice to be more eco-friendly is taking advantage of a proper delivery of water to your vegetation without overusing.

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