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What Should I Do to My Lawn in the Fall in Aquebogue, NY? Seed Grass, Leaf & Debris Removal & More

It is important to prepare your lawn in the fall for when the cold winter season comes and your lawn will go into a dormant state. Mickey’s LawnScapes will share a few tips on how, during this coming fall season, you can properly prepare your lawn for winter. It is important to follow these tips during the cool fall season to keep your lawn strong in winter and come the spring you will have a healthy beautiful lawn.

Fertilize Your Lawn

During spring and summer your lawn removes many of the soil minerals and nutrients to provide healthy growth and stronger roots systems. By absorbing the nutrient from the soil all summer long you will want to help replenish the soil of its needed minerals and nutrients so it can provide your lawn with further nutrients. This is why you will want to fertilize your lawn during the fall. Keep in mind that even though lawns and many types of vegetation go dormant during the winter, the lawns roots continue to grow beneath the surface and strengthen. They just do it slower than what it does in the summer months. You will also want to fertilize your lawn again in the spring.

Seed Your Lawn

Especially the lawns that have received a lot of use during the summer, you might notice that the grass may seem thinned out in a few areas. Should this have happened, consider over-seeding or also referred to as power-seeding in those areas. You can seed during the fall to help thicken your turf. By spring your lawn will already look thicker and healthier. Additionally, by maintaining a thick turf your lawn can defend itself against weeds and lawn damaging pests.

Fall Leaf & Debris Removal

The autumn season is when all of the leaves begin to fall and many other kinds of yard debris accumulates. Both leaves and yard debris can actually harm your lawn and not just make it look unsightly. The leaves and debris blocks out the needed sunlight that helps lawn store up the needed food and nutrients before the lawn goes into dormancy. At least once a week you will want to rake up the discarded leaves and any other yard debris to provide your lawn with all the needed sunlight.

Maintain Lawn Mower

After you have fertilized and cleaned up your lawn you may want to consider maintaining the tools you use. Lawn mower blades often take quite a beating during the summer months with regular use. Over a season or two, your lawn mower blades become dull and they will need to be sharpened. Sharpe blades help cut your lawn better. Trees and shrub trimmers can be sharpened, oiled, and then stored away until next spring to insure proper performance.

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If you find you are unsure of your lawn’s needs or are unable to care for it properly yourself and need assistance preparing your lawn this, fall contact Mickey’s LawnScapes. We can help care for your lawn’s needs. For your lawn care needs, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today.

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