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Is Core Aeration Good for Your Lawn in Baiting Hollow, NY? Prepare for Overseeding & Other Benefits

Your lawn will become compact over time from constant foot traffic and pounding rains. When it becomes compacted, it’s harder for the surface to absorb water, nutrients and air to the roots of the grass. It can be done at any time in the growing season and the number of times it will need to be done will all depend in how compacted it gets. The best times are spring and fall. When it’s done in the spring, it gives the grass plants an extra boost which will get it greener faster. When it’s done in the fall, it will strengthen the root system and give a great bed for over seeding. If you’re unsure as to whether your lawn needs to be aerated, you can get in touch with a lawn care expert like Mickey’s LawnScapes to determine the best time to have it done.

Does Core Aeration Really Work?

There are different kinds of aerators that you can pull or walk behind. The most popular one is a core-type unit. This unit works by removing small plugs from the turf and the minimum penetration of the core-type aerator is 2 ½ inches and will remove turf plugs from ¼ to ¾ inches in diameter. Spiking units work by punching small tines into the turf but won’t remove any plugs of soil. Another type is a slicing aerator that will slice through the soil to make openings.

What are the Benefits of Aeration?

The biggest benefit of aeration is that the soil is immediately opened up to water, nutrients and air. These openings will allow greater water movement and air penetration. The plant roots will also be able to stretch out and grow more easily, becoming more vigorous and dense. Lawns that are aerated on a regular basis will be less likely to develop diseases and thatch buildup in the future. Core aeration can even fix smaller thatch problems. Another benefit is the reduction in water runoff. This will also result in making the lawn more tolerant to the heat and drought of the summer months. There are no negative side effects to aerating your lawn. It’s a natural process and the plugs that are left behind by core aeration are beneficial. When these plugs start to break down it works as a natural deposit of top dressing that will help decompose the thatch that has built up at the base of the grass plants.

What Should I Do Before I Aerate My Lawn?

If you’re going to aerate, you should do it right before you’re going to fertilize or reseed your lawn because the holes created will allow deep penetration. Get a handle on weeds before you aerate because aeration will spread the seeds of weeds. Newly planted lawns shouldn’t be aerated for at least a year to give the grass time to get establish. Aerate when the soil is most and not totally saturated. Moist soil will be penetrated more deeply and aerators can get clogged with soil that’s too wet. It’s best not to aerate when there’s high heat or a drought-this will case the lawn to get stresses because the heat will get into the dry soil faster.

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The time of year you aerate depends on the type of grass and soil you have. Aerating in the spring will give you rapid growth in the summer that will fill the holes in quickly that are created while aerating in the fall will strengthen the root system and provide a great base for overseeding. Contact Mickey’s LawnScapes to have your lawn aerated and give you a beautiful lawn year-round. Call us today!

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