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What Materials are Used in Hardscapes in Laurel, NY? Metal, Wood, Stone, Concrete & More

When you are planning your landscape design, it is important to think about the flowerbeds, lighting, grass, and hardscape. Each of these categories are filled with subcategories that need to be considered. Today, we are going to talk through some hardscape options that you have to choose from. There are several materials that are used to create the hardscape in your landscape design. Mickey’s LawnScapes would like to talk about the different materials used for hardscape design.

What is the Best Hardscape Materials to Use for Landscaping?

Many people think about concrete walkways when they think about hardscape. There are so many different materials that you can use to create a beautiful hardscape design.
– Metal: If you are looking for a modern approach to the hardscape in your landscape design, you might want to consider metal as the material you use. This can be a unique addition to any landscape design. It is a durable material that can easily stand up to the elements of the great outdoors. Metal can be used to edge flower gardens, create a retaining wall, or a sculpture for your landscape.
– Wood: For those looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable option, wood can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. There are some types of wood that will hold up better as a hardscape material than others. Some popular wood hardscape choices included cedar, redwood, teak, and oak because of their hardness.
– Stone: A popular choice among homeowners to create hardscape in their landscape design is natural stone. Stone is not only versatile, but it is also timeless and durable. You can use it to create walkways, fire pits, benches, flower beds and more. Stone adds a natural beauty that will compliment the other features in your landscape.
– Concrete: Another modern option for hardscape is concrete. It can be molded into whatever shape you’re looking for. You would be hard pressed to find a stronger and more durable material than concrete. Whether you are looking for walkways, patios, retaining walls, pond or even sculptures, concrete is a great choice.
– Porcelain: Many people don’t think about porcelain as an ideal material used in hardscape design. However, it isn’t porous and stands up well to water. You don’t have to worry about porcelain staining either. This is a more affordable option that looks similar to natural stone or wood. This is a durable as well as a versatile choice for your landscape design.

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