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How Do I Create Winter Interest in My Garden in Jamesport, NY? Evergreens, Berries & More

When you’re planning the landscape design for your property, not only will you want to think about what your gardens will look like during the summer growing season, but you want to keep in mind the winter season as well. There are several plants that can quite a lot of winter interest to your garden during the months that are filled with nothing but shades of gray and brown. Mickey’s LawnScapes is here to share some tips to help bring some winter interest to your landscaping.

How Do You Make a Beautiful Winter Garden?

It is important that you think about what your garden is going to look like during the winter so that you can enjoy your landscape no matter what the weather looks like. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can find beauty even when the world is sleeping through the coldest months of the year. Here are some of the ways that you can add interest to your winter garden:
– Evergreens: There is a reason that pine trees are known most for their role in the winter holiday called Christmas. Even in the dead of winter, they are green and beautiful. Not only are pine trees evergreens though. There are other plants that are evergreens including boxwoods and rhododendrons. These trees and shrubs will allow you to enjoy the beauty of life even when the rest of your garden is dormant.
– Utilize Lighting: The lighting you have in your landscape can be a great way to add interest to your winter garden as well. With the sun setting so early during the winter, there is still a significant part of the day remaining once the sun goes down. Your landscape lighting can add dimension to your property by highlighting certain plants, sculptures and other features in your yard.
– Notice the Bark: There are some trees and shrubs that have bark that is filled with color and intrigue. When you’re picking out trees and shrubs for your landscape design, pay close attention to their bark. If the bark is colorful, you will be able to see that pop during the winter when the leaves have fallen, and the world is blanketed in white.
– Consider Berries: There are several shrubs that produce berries. Often, these berries will stay on the shrubs throughout the winter. The colorful berries will pop against the otherwise gray landscape and will also provide a food source for birds and other wildlife during the winter.

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If you are getting ready to plan your landscape design, you can turn to Mickey’s LawnScapes to help you plan a garden that will be beautiful both during the summer as well as the winter seasons. We will help you take advantage of the trees, shrubs and plants that thrive in the area as well as help you design outdoor lighting that will accentuate the beauty too. Call us today!

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