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Lawn Care Steps to Make Your Grass Look Good Again in Springs, NY; What is the 1/3 Rule in Mowing & More

Grass will only survive if given lots of TLC. Too much or too little irrigation will negatively affect your lawns health. Pests, disease and hostile take overs by invasive non-native species bedevil the yard owner. Like all organisms your lawn needs the proper amount of food and water. Some need more food if the soil is depleted. Others, not so drought tolerant crave water. Another requirement is energy for photosynthesis, while trees and many lawn species savors soaking up the sun. Other landscaping foliage do better with some shade but too little light and you get mushrooms. Oh, least we forget, some soils are naturally alkaline, but most vegetation tend to prefer slightly acidic soils. Depleted soils may need some rock dust to fortify the mineral content. Mickey’s LawnScapes outlines some important considerations for keeping your grass green and healthy.

Lawn Pests Eat Your Grass

Like all plants, there is a critter somewhere, big and small, that wants to munch on your lawn. In most urban settings, we’re not too much concerned with apex herbivores devouring our front yards. The itty-bitty stuff is daunting enough. There are those pests who love the succulent green on top and then there are the sneaky ones that feast on the roots.

How Do I Mow My Lawn? What is the 1/3 Rule in Mowing?

Mowing tactical considerations vary. Sometimes a good scalping is in order, like in the fall. But to thrive, a 3-inch height is preferred. Some ground hugging species like the hybrid Bermuda’s ‘low crawl’ and need mowing only about every four weeks. Three-inch blades can shade the lawn, preventing weed growth. Never cut more than about a third of the grass length to avoid stress. Grass clippings contain mostly water. Leaving these to decay naturally in the grass will add both moisture and nutrients.

Should I Water My Grass Daily?

Most lawns need an inch of water per week. In hot climates, this can be a problem, both from a water conservation and watering restrictions to algae or fungus growth in the heat. Climate is important, rye and fescue prefer cooler weather. You have high shade, direct sun, drought tolerant versus thirsty and every location in the US has a herd of hungry insects that want to make your lawn into their buffet.

Why Do I Have So Many Weeds?

Plant enemies referred to as weeds, you know the plants that haven’t mastered growing in rows, are prolific. Tired, run down out of ‘whack’ soil breeds weeds who may lie dormant for years, and are an indicator of out of balance soil. Many species are very aggressive, but good mowing practices can help control these plants. Cut ‘em before the go to seed, and you are denying their continued proliferation.

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