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Elements of Landscape Design in Wading River, NY; Softscape & Hardscape Color, Texture, Line, Form & Scale

When you want a yard that becomes the envy of the entire neighborhood, it is important to incorporate five major key elements. The key elements to any landscape design are color, texture, line, form and scale. With the perfect balance of the key elements, the landscape of your yard will look amazing. To better understand these major elements to a landscape’s design, Mickey’s LawnScapes will break them down below.

Design Landscape with Color

Color plays a major role in how the yard looks. Color changes throughout the years and during each season the yard will take on its own personality. While flowers can bring wonderful color to your yard in the spring, during the summer most flowering plants will not blossom and your yard will be primarily green. In the fall and winter many plants will go in hibernation or die completely depending on what plant you have as part of your landscaping design. As the season greatly changes the landscape, you will want to have plants and a yard design that maintains some color throughout the entire year. Stone work is a great way to bring color to your landscape along with evergreens which maintain green and gray colors in the winter. When designing a landscape it is important to know the color and how the colors will change throughout the year and how to ensure your landscape looks great during each season.

Textures in the Landscape

A landscape has either a softscape or hardscape. A great landscape design will have both. Rock and stone and some plants create a hardscape texture where grass and flowering plants brings in the softscape texture. By incorporating both texture types, it can help layer or add dimension to your yard which makes it look more interesting and appealing. When designing a yard, it is great to have both soft and hard textures as part of your landscape, especially those with pools and or decks.

What Does Line Mean in Landscape?

Lines in landscaping control the movements of the front or backyard. When you have walkways, flower beds, ponds, fire pit or pool, your landscape will have lines. Controlling the lines or creating a line system that works with the features of your home, is very important when it comes to landscaping design. Curved walkways or flower beds make any landscape look much more appealing than straight lines. Knowing how to use line and curves can greatly impact the landscape design.

What is the Form of Landscape?

The term forms in landscaping refers to the shape of the plants and other features. Plants come in many forms, from standing upright trees and bushes, ground groves, and vines that scale up and out. Some plants are very round or sharp or are free-form. Features such as pergolas, retaining walls and pathways also has their own shapes. When designing the landscape, the plant’s and other feature’s form must be considered. It is important that plant form is properly incorporated with the rest of the yard or the yard will look too busy.

Scale in Landscaping

When designing the landscape, the size of the house, outdoor structures that are on the property and the yard size must be taken into account. With a smaller yard you do not want to over crowd the yard with plants. You will want the scale of the yard to fit the size of the home. This includes the home’s height and length. If there are other structures on the property, you will want to have the landscape design work with those structures. Walkways to separate garages, shed, pergolas and other buildings is a great way to bring in those structures as part of the landscape and perhaps add a flower grade, trees and other plants.

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These are the key elements of any landscape design. It is important that all of these elements are properly incorporated and balanced to create a beautiful yard. For landscaping design, masonry, lawn maintenance and more, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today.

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