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How Do You Build a Fire Pit in Northwest Harbor, NY? Choose Placement & Material, Prepare Ground & More

When you design your backyard landscape and outdoor living spaces, do not forget about adding a fire pit. Fire pits are almost essential as they provide warmth, and cozy lighting that is perfect for family time or for hanging out with friends and family. A warm fire has a way of bringing people together. For an enjoyable time, add a fire pit to your backyard design. Mickey’s LawnScapes will share a few ways you can design a fire pit in your backyard.

How to Build a Fire Pit

There are no rules about which way is best to add a fire pit to your backyard. There are a few determining factors such as yard size. Do you want the fire pit as the focal point and how do you want to interact with your fire pit. Some people want a sitting area that is comfortable for relaxing, with a warm fire in the center. Some people may want a fire pit as part of an outdoor dining area. When designing your landscape and you add a fire pit feature, it is important to know how you wish to interact with the fire, your yard size and safety. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby or have the fire pit situated with a garden hose nearby.

Which is Better Wood Burning or Gas Fire Pit?

With today’s technology, it is possible to have a gas burning fire pit. Gas burning fire pits are easier to control, and better and safer on the environment in a few ways. While many people prefer gas produced fires, there are those who love the feel and smoky smell of a wood burning fire. While wood burning fires can be hazardous, wood burning fire pits should all utilize a screen. Whichever type of fire pit you choose, make sure it is right for you.

How Gas Fire Pits Work

For those lean toward a gas fire pit, first know how they work. A gas line is fed to the fire pit. Most will use a control key to turn on and off the flow of gas, while other gas pits can work on a remote. When using a gas fire pit you will first turn the gas line on low, light the fire, and then increase the flow of gas to create the right size of fire you want. Gas fire pits are easy to use. However, it is important when the fire pit is no longer in use that the gas is fully turned off. For those who may be wondering, you can cook on a gas fire pit, which does include roasting marshmallows.

How Far Does a Gas Fire Pit Need to Be from a House

A fire pit should never be too close to the home in the event of uncontrolled fire. However, each state, city, and county varies on fire pit codes. You can ask a landscape contractor or your landscape designer if there is a set distance for your area.

What Material Should You Use for a Fire Pit?

Fire pits use a variety of materials: there is concrete, stone and metal fire pits. When determining which material to use, it will depend on your preferred look and design. However, all fire pits must use a fire proof rated material to ensure safety.

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A fire pit can help add a functional living space to your back yard. Fire pits are inviting, warm and loads of fun. If you want to add a fire pit to your backyard design, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes. We can design and install your dream backyard. To schedule our services, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today.

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