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How Do You Avoid Landscaping Design Mistakes in Riverhead, NY? Plant Placement for Sunlight & More

Are you ready to redesign your home’s landscaping? When designing your front or back yard landscaping, you will be overwhelmed with many choices. However, before you decide on how you would like to design your yard, Mickey’s LawnScapes would first like to share some common mistakes that you may want to avoid while you begin designing your yard. This will help prevent regret or disasters if you avoid these all too common landscaping mistakes.

How to Avoid Landscaping Mistakes

Lawn Ornaments: Lawn ornaments add personality to your yard. Some people love little gnomes, while some people like bird baths or rocks. When designing your yard never over use yard ornaments. Sometimes the clutter of the ornaments can take away from the natural beauty of the landscaping. Depending on your yard size, avoid overusing ornaments. Instead, you will want a balance of landscaping and ornaments in your yard.
Recycling System: When designing your yard be conscious of yard recycling. When mowing your grass, or trimming your shrubs, trees, and flowers, don’t just throw it in the trash. Instead, you might want to consider recycling them. Mowed grass is a great fertilizer and yard clippings can be used as mulch. To replenish the nutrition back into your yard, consider adding a compost site where you can dispose of and later recycle your yard waste.
Plant Placement: When picking your plant’s for your yard make sure to know the plants requirements. Each plant will vary on how much sunlight, water and its nutritional needs they require. Along with resources, each plant will grow to a certain height and width. Make sure you have plenty of space between each plant so they have plenty of growing room and your yard won’t look too cluttered.
Planting Trees: So many people will plant trees too deep inside the ground. This is a common mistake that ends up killing the tree within the first season. When a tree is planted too deep in the ground it can lead to root rot or root failure. Tree roots require loose soil to dig through in the beginning. As the tree matures, the roots become strong and are able to dig down deep and in tougher soil. Make sure to follow planting recommendations for the trees you are planting.
Mowing Lawns: This one shocks many people. Never cut your lawn short, especially when the grass is freshly planted. The shorter you cut the grass the more stress the grass endures. Additionally, the shorter the grass the more prone to developing disease or being invaded by pests your lawn will be. Many people assume if they cut the grass short, then more water gets to the roots. This may seem valid. However, grass evolved to direct water down to its roots. Where trimming the grass does promote water flow to the roots, if you cut it too short it weakens the grass and leaves it vulnerable. For a healthy lawn never cut the grass too short.

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Knowing what to avoid you can now begin designing your yard. If you need help designing and installing your yard and adding outdoor features, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today!

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