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Flagstones & Other Materials that Can Be Used for a Walkway or Pathway in Westhampton Beach, NY

When you design your front or backyard, many people will want to have a walkway or pathway. Pathways create designated paths that prevent worn patterns in your lawn and other plants. Pathways are also a great feature that adds a bit of charm to your landscape design. However, when you are incorporating a pathway or walkway, you will need to determine the materials you want to use. There are many different materials and each has their own appeal. Mickey’s LawnScapes would like to share some of the popular materials used for landscape path or walkways.

Paver Stones

One of the most popular materials used for landscape walkways and other ground work are paver stones. Paver stones are fabricated concrete that is made in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will have a ton of different design options for you to choose from. Paver stones last a long time and are easy to manage. When you want a courtyard that ties in walkways you can do a lot with paver stones.


Flagstone is strong and beautiful. Most flagstones are cut from real rock that fits together to make a pathway. However, there are some fabricated flagstones that use plastic or concrete to look like real stone. For a more charming landscape, we recommended sticking with real flagstone. Different types of stone are cut and used for flagstone but the most common type of stone is sandstone. You can find a number of different colors to fit your ideal design.

Stepping Stones

Another walkway option is to use stepping stones. Unlike other walkways, stepping stones are slightly spaced apart. Grass or gravel fits in between the spaces of each stepping stone. Stepping stones have an old cottage like feel that makes the landscape look and feel more enchanting. You can create stepping stones, or use real stone that brings a more authentic look to your yard.

Gravel & Rock

When you have a lot of ground to cover when making a walk or pathway, often you will want a more budget friendly option. One of the more affordable options is using small rock or gravel. There are many different types of rock or gravel that you can choose for a pathway. However, where gravel does have a lot of options and is more affordable, there is more work maintaining a gravel walkway. The gravel will need to be raked in place on occasion and often grass and or weeds will want to grow in your walkway.

Cedar Chip or Mulch

Another budget friendly option is to use simple mulch or cedar chips. Like gravel there is a lot of seasonal work to maintaining a cedar chip or mulch walkway, but it is an option. Cedar chip or mulch walkways are most popular for organic landscapes and gardens.

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There are a lot of different path and walkway material and design options. When designing your front or backyard’s landscape, you will need to determine which material you will want to use when it comes to the flow of your walkway. When you need help designing, installing and maintaining your home landscape, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today.

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