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When Should I First Mow My Lawn in Spring & How Do I Care for My Grass in East Hampton, NY?

Your grass spends the cold winter months in a dormant state until the early spring when it begins to regenerate and grow. It is during this time that your lawn needs some tender care to prepare for the first spring mowing. Taking the time to make sure that your grass is given the nutrients it needs to see it is properly nourished goes a long way to preparing your grass for the rigors associated with rising temperatures and the heat of the summer sun. Your first spring mowing is in no way an exact science but a good rule of thumb is to keep an eye on the length of the grass to make sure that it reaches an optimal height. According to the knowledgeable experts at Mickey’s LawnScapes, you can avoid causing undue stress and injury to your lawn by cutting your grass when it is too short. Ideally, you should wait until the grass is roughly two inches long to protect the roots and prevent disease.

How to Care for Your Grass & Mow Your Lawn for the First Time in the Spring?

Important factors to take into consideration to ensure that your grass receives the continued attention it needs to thrive include:
Fertilizing: Mowing your lawn keeps it healthy but fertilization is a critical element when it comes to keeping it that way, especially after the winter months when your grass needs nutrients to thrive. The ideal time to fertilize is in the early spring beginning in March to improve the health of the roots and provide your grass with everything it needs for the growing season. Fertilize again in the late spring, between May and June when your grass produces the highest growth rate to keep it well-nourished and maintained.
Watering: Watering your grass on the correct schedule during the spring months will also keep your lawn strong and healthy. According to the experts at Mickey’s LawnScapes, you should wait until your grass is slightly wilted from the heat. As your grass begins to wilt, it will allow the roots to grow deeper in search of moisture. Water your lawn until it is saturated approximately once per week for optimal results.
Time: Don’t want too long between mows; ideally you only want to take off approximately 1/3 of the grass blade. During the spring especially with increased rainfall, this may mean that you need to mow once per week or more. Your Mickey’s LawnScapes specialist can advise you on services including weed control, fertilization, and lawn aeration along with other services that are designed to keep your grass healthy and in excellent condition.
Sharpen Your Blades: If mowing your lawn is something that you enjoy doing, make sure that your blade is kept sharp and free of rust. A dull blade can drag the tops of the grass blades causing damage instead of creating a clean crisp cut.
Make Sure Your Mower is Kept Level: If you are using a gas powered push mower, make sure that the wheels are properly aligned and adjusted to a uniform height. For riding mowers, make sure that the tires are properly inflated and that the pressure is equal in all four tires. Also adjust your deck level to ensure that it is properly aligned. If your mower is not level you will end up with mismatched sections on your lawn that will look unsightly.

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