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What to Consider when Designing a Landscape Around a Backyard Pool in Mattituck, NY?

Did you recently have a pool installed in your backyard? After the pool has been installed, the last step is the landscaping. Landscaping around a pool requires different considerations than yards without pools. A pool can be greatly affected by the surrounding landscape. The wrong landscape can make keeping your pool clean a nightmare. Some plants may even draw in insects that will invade your yard and areas around the pool. Mickey’s Lawnscapes would like to share a few tips and considerations when designing your landscaping around your pool.

Avoid Shedding Plants

When designing your landscape around your pool, you may want to avoid plants that shed. Plants that lose their flowers and leaves often find their way into the pool and clog up the pool’s filtering system. Consider instead, using evergreens and other plants that do not shed or have excessive shedding. This will make keeping your pool cleaner and the landscape easier to maintain.

Avoid Thorny Plants

It is also recommended that you avoid plants with thorns. Whereas certain plants like roses are beautiful and add amazing color to your yard, the thorns can hurt those who are swimming. When swimming, a lot of bare skin can easily be scratched. Other plants such as cactus can also lead to tiny thorns getting stuck in your skin. Poison ivy is also not ideal around pools. While wearing a swimming suit you do not want to rub against a plant that can seriously hurt you.

Benefits of Low Maintenance Landscape

When you have a pool, it is often recommended that you have a low maintenance landscape. The less lawn mowing, tree or bush trimming you need to do, the cleaner your pool will be. There are other ways to keep your pool clean. For example, you can use paver stones or other masonry work to reduce dirt and soil exposure to the pool. Additionally, you do not have to worry about grass clippings falling into the pool. You might also consider using rock and mulch around your plants to keep dirt away from the pool. The easier the landscape maintenance is around your pool, the easier it will be to keep your pool clean and maintained.

Dangers of Invasive Roots

When you do decide to plant trees and other plants, know the plant’s root systems. Roots can damage and destroy your pool and the pool’s plumbing system. Trees and shrubs that tend to have invasive root systems will damage the pool. When you want to have plants near the pool, make sure to research the plant and its root system. Trees can still be planted, but make sure they are far way enough that the roots do not reach the pool.

Keep Bees Away from a Yard with a Pool

Bees and wasps are often drawn to pool water and many people often get stung. It is also worth mentioning that pollinators are very important to the ecosystem. Bees frequently drown in pools. It is recommended that you avoid planting flowering plants in the backyard. Keep the flowering plants in the front yard and away from the pool and swimmers.

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