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What Plants are Native & Grow Well in Amagansett, NY? Red Maple Trees, Blue Flag Iris Perennials & More

When it comes to designing your New York landscaping, it is very beneficial to include plant life that is native to the area. Today, we at Mickey’s Lawnscapes would like to over some suggestions of native plants in New York that would be ideal in your landscaping design.

New York Native Plants List

Red Maple. A northern planting classic is the iconic New York native plant is the Red Maple Tree. The colorful Red Maple is a gorgeous native planting option for New York planters and provides multi-seasonal interest and incredible shade. This tree can reach heights over 40 feet over time. For those new to gardening and landscaping, this a great option as they have ability to resist pests and diseases.
Eastern Red Cedar. Another hardy, low maintenance tree is the Eastern Red Cedar. Being very tough, it can handle New York’s cold winters and hot summers with no issue. Smooth, tufted green foliage that is reminiscent of your classic pine tree come from these stunning pyramidal evergreen trees. The Eastern Red Cedar Tree is perfect for planting anywhere throughout the state of New York since it withstands drought, high temperatures, and salt spray. These trees produce grayish-green berries that work to nourish local wildlife populations as well.
Blue Flag Iris. This New York Native perennial features a calm silvery green foliage and unique violet-blue shaded blooms. These exotic plants thrive best in areas of high moisture, native to marshes, wet meadows, swamps, ditches, and shorelines. They make for excellent focal points near or in bodies of water and can be used in areas that are too wet for other garden plants. Also, these flowering plants are great for New York Pollinator gardens attracting a wide range of pollinators including hummingbirds and are deer resistant.
Wild Bergamot. A North American Native spring wildflower, these herbaceous New York perennials have long bloom seasons and an upright clump forming growth habit. They are also widespread and abundant wherever it grows. Full sun to partial shade, and a dry, sandy soil medium are ideal conditions for Wild Bergamot. Their delicate lavender flowers and heavenly fragrance are a showy, whimsical plants.
Eupatorium Gateway. The Eupatorium Gateway, or commonly known as Joe Pye Weed, these joyful pink perennials bring late summer color and are extremely easy to grow. These New York perennial natives are extremely laid back and will tolerate a wide variety of growing conditions, they are grown in normal clay-based soils and full sun to part shade. They are deer resistant, tolerant to wet atmospheric conditions, and attract pollinators.
Christmas Fern. The festive and full Christmas Fern are also plants native to New York. These low maintenance plants will provide year-round interest to a New York landscape. The Christmas Fern holds its vibrant green color throughout the winter months, unlike the majority of ferns. Partial to full shade and a moist, well-draining soil are ideal conditions for these gorgeous frond-filled plants.

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