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What is the Point of a Driveway Apron Build in East Hampton, NY? How Deep, Long & More?

A simple concrete slab doesn’t have to be the limit to the driveway. You can create a truly stunning entryway to your home, depending on your choice of driveway shape, materials, and design components. You can create a unique hardscape that will add value to your home and will make you happy to turn in each day with the help of the right designer. We can help you get a striking driveway that can better fit the home’s exterior design. Today, we at Mickey’s Lawnscapes would like to driveway designs featuring driveway aprons.

Basics of a Driveway Apron Build

The section of the driveway that meets the road is a driveway apron. It crosses what is technically considered the municipality’s property as it extends beyond the sidewalk (if present). It is required to be maintained by the property owner, though the driveway apron is typically at least partially on land that is owned by the city.

How Deep & Long Should a Driveway Apron Be?

There are many rules that apply to the driveway apron, including where it can be, how large it can be, and how it must be installed because of this unique positioning. For your driveway apron, you can choose a variety of materials. For a seamless look, you can also choose the same material as the rest of your driveway, or you can choose a different material to create a contrast or complement in the design. To ensure proper functionality, and to create a beautiful look for your home, Mickey’s Lawnscapes can help you choose the right materials for your driveway apron to meet local requirements.

Is Concrete or Asphalt Better for Driveway Apron?

For both your driveway and the driveway apron, there is a wide variety of materials that you can choose from. There is a big impact on the functionality of the space, the maintenance you have to provide, and the finished look, with the material you choose. You can choose multiple materials that work together to create a unique design or keep it simple with one material for the entire driveway (including the apron). You should take the time evaluate the complete list of pros and cons for each as you consider all the qualities of each material before choosing. Below are the common options.
– Concrete
– Asphalt
– Gravel
– Stone Pavers
You should think about the contrast you can create with the stone when designing your driveway apron. You can choose a stone to create a border around the driveway, and a line demarcating the driveway from the apron, for example. With another paver stone that is used for the driveway or another material, such as asphalt, concrete, or gravel, the stone can complement or contrast. To create designs within the driveway or the driveway apron, remember, you can also use a variety of stones. With the right combination of materials, you have nearly unlimited possibilities. With the right site preparation and installation, success for any design starts. For your stone to give it many years of life, experts properly prepare your site, ensuring the proper grading and drainage, and provide the right base.

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