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What is the Best & Safest Type of Fire Pit in Greenport, NY? Wood Burning, Propane or Natural Gas?

Checking the weather to see what kind of temperatures you’re up against are usually most fascinating when the seasons are changing. The change from the heat of summer to the cool of fall and then the chill of winter are great times of year. The cooler weather means you can spend time outdoors, but to be comfortable you need to have something to help keep you warm. A thick coat is one but if you want to relax outside then a fire could be a welcome addition. Most homeowners live within the confines of a community and that means that if you want to have a fire you need to have a pit to contain it. The fire is great when you want to spend some time outdoors at night. When you want to cook over the open fire or just to create a nice atmosphere to enjoy. The reasons to get a fire pit are many but now you need to which type of pit you want. Mickey’s LawnScapes outline the different types of fire pits and why they are great.

Wood Burning Fire Pit

One of the types of fire pits that you can get are ones that use real wood as the fuel. You can purchase a pre-fabricated fore pit at the store but they don’t offer all the amenities that an in ground fire pit does. If you are having a fire pit installed at your house on your property you want to make sure that you are happy with the location. This is something that you will take some effort if you want to remove it and have it rebuilt in a new location. The wood burning fire pit is something that offers the smells and memories that a fire should bring. What you want to consider is that you need to have wood in pile that is ready to use when you want to. The in ground fire pit is a great option for most homeowners.

Propane Fire Pit

Another option that you have when you are choosing the best fire pit for your home is to use one that has propane as a way to ignite the flame. The fire pit can be built up and placed in the ground or even built up into a round that has seating all around. The rocks that are placed can be placed so that the flames have something to reach around. You will need to make sure that you have a propane tank that is used specifically for the fore pit. The tank will need to be refilled as it gets low. One way to make sure that you never run out of propane is to always have a backup and when you switch them out you can have the old one refilled.

Natural Gas Fire Pit

The last option that you have is to have a fire pit that uses natural gas to ignite the flame. This is the same type of gas that is used in your house to run your water heater and your gas stove. The great thing is that it can be hard piped under the fire pit and you never have to worry about refilling tanks or chopping up fire wood.

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The safest fire pits are propane or natural gas fire pits made with durable and safe materials. Mickey’s LawnScapes can come out to your property and design the perfect fire pit for your house. Call us to learn more today.

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