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What Do I Need to Know About Building a Retaining Wall in Nassau Point, NY? Uses, Planning, How High & More

When you are looking at the property that is around your home, you need to make sure you are utilizing all of it. The house is what starts the value of your home but the property that it is sitting on can make up a lot of the difference from one house to the next. The land that you have to work with is important. There are some people that think the way their property is placed and the way the land looks, it cannot be very useful. Do you have uneven ground or a slope in the yard? These are two of the main reasons that people think their land is not useable. This is where a retaining wall comes into play. They are a great way to make your property functional and also much more beautiful. Mickey’s LawnScapes outlines what you need to know about building a retaining wall.

What are Retaining Walls Good for?

There are many ways that a retaining wall can be used on your property. One of them in on a piece of land that has a slope in the grade. You can stop the slope of the ground and level it out at the wall then have a flat surface to enjoy. You can also use a retaining wall as a place to sit and enjoy or block in a space to use as a planter or for erosion control. The retaining wall is also a great way to add beauty as well as functionality to your property.

How Do You Plan a Retaining Wall?

When it comes to a retaining wall you want to make sure that you take time with the layout. If you are looking to prevent erosion or control water runoff you want to make sure that you talk to a professional. We can give you advice on where the wall needs to be in order to protect your home and property. You should also know that a retaining wall does not have to be a stand up straight wall. They can be curved and built to different heights and lengths. You can have more than one wall if the property needs it. Be sure that you know what the wall is for and it is in the right area.

How High Can You Stack Retaining Wall Blocks?

If you are wondering how tall a retaining wall should be the answer is not exact. The reason is that the wall is the height that is necessary. You can have a wall that is only two foot high and others may need to have a wall that is over four foot high. The slope of the yard will have a lot to do with the height of the wall. The larger the slope the higher the wall will need to be. On average, most retaining walls are between 3 and 4 feet high. This is an optimal height because it doesn’t require any anchors or expensive engineering methods.

Drainage is Important to a Retaining Wall

You cannot just have a wall placed without planning out where the water will run off. The water needs to be able to drain out so that it will not push the wall out of place. The draining should be laid out and placed by a professional while they are installing the wall.

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