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What are Ways Soil Erosion Can Be Stopped in Shelter Island, NY? Mulch, Retaining Walls & More

There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to control the erosion that is happening on their property. When you are experiencing erosion, it can lead to several issues such as clogged drains, flooding issues, diminished soil quality and more. This puts homeowners in a position where they want to put a stop to any erosion that is happening in their landscaping. Luckily, there are several things that can be done to stop this common problem. Mickey’s LawnScapes is here to share some tips that can help you put a stop to the erosion that is happening on your property.

What are Ways to Reduce Erosion?

Erosion is a problem that can be caused by several different problems like excess rainwater, foot traffic, snowmelt and more. There are many different proactive measures that can be done to help put an end to erosion though.
– Mulch: One of the easiest solutions to an erosion problem is a layer of protective mulch on areas that are more susceptible to erosion. There are some cases where mulch will not work though. If you have more than a 33% grade on your slope, it isn’t going to be much help. Mulch is something that should be used on areas where erosion is happening, and the slope is gradual.
– Place Stones: You can use gravel or stone to make walkways on your landscaping and slow down erosion as well. This is a fantastic way to add some drainage to your landscape. If you are using gravel, make sure you choose a porous variety like sandstone that will work to soak up moisture.
– Retaining Wall: Retaining walls have always been a good option when you are trying to stop erosion. If you have chosen to put a retaining wall in your landscaping to help with your erosion problem, make sure you are enlisting the help of a professional to ensure it is done right.
– Stepped Terraces: Stepped terraces are another way that you can stop erosion when you are dealing with a property that is not level. When you have a steep slope on your property and gravel or mulch aren’t doing the trick, you can strategically place stepped terraces to help with the erosion problem. This is another landscaping projects that should be left to professionals to ensure it is done properly.
– Rain Garden: One of the best ways to keep soil where it needs to stay is to add plants to your landscaping. The root systems found in the plants will help keep the soil where it should be. Make sure you pick deep rooted native plants.

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If you are struggling with erosion on your property, you can turn to the experts at Mickey’s LawnScapes to help you solve your erosion problem. We have several different options for homeowners to choose from as we work together to find the best solution to the problem. Call us today!

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