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What are the Styles of Landscape Design in Laurel, NY? Formal, Informal, Xeriscape, Modern & More

From the sprawling gardens of grand estates to the intimate balconies of urban dwellings, landscape design plays a major role in shaping your outdoor spaces. Across the U. S. there are many styles of landscape design that have emerged, each reflecting different histories, cultures, and climates. When you need to redesign your landscape, you will need to choose the right design for you and one that fits your home. Mickey’s LawnScapes will share the different styles of landscape design and offer a window into the world of horticultural artistry.

What are the Styles of Landscape Design?

Formal Landscape Design: This landscape design is often defined as symmetry, linear patterns, and clearly defined shapes. Some examples can be the manicured gardens of Versailles in France, with their geometrically aligned trees, shrubbery, and ornamental focal points.
Informal Landscape Design: This landscape design involves the use of curved lines, natural plant growth, and less strict structure. An informal landscape design are like a cottage gardens, which blend a variety of plants in a seemingly haphazard but harmonious way, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
Japanese Garden Design: A Japanese garden design is often considered to be minimal, tranquil, having water features, stones, and purposefully placed plants. The Zen gardens of Kyoto, designed for meditation and reflection, often feature rock arrangements, moss, and simple water basins that often define this style garden.
Mediterranean Landscape Design: This landscape design uses drought-tolerant plants, terra cotta pots, and rustic stone or tile elements. One great example of this garden style can be the coastal gardens of Southern Italy or Greece, often adorned with olive trees, lavender, rosemary, and ornamental grasses.
Tropical Landscape Design: A tropical landscape design uses lush, vibrant, and dense plantings with large, bold foliage and exotic, colorful flowers. The Balinese gardens, which often incorporate tropical palms, birds of paradise, and water features to evoke a paradise-like feel is often a great example of this style landscape.
Xeriscape (Dry Landscape) Design: The Xeriscape design uses drought-resistant plants, with an emphasis on conservation, and reduced lawn areas. You can look to desert landscapes in the American Southwest, utilizing cacti, succulents, and native shrubs to better envision this style landscape.
Modern/Contemporary Landscape Design: Characteristics: Clean lines, geometric shapes, a mix of hardscape and plant materials, and often a monochromatic color scheme. Examples: Urban rooftop gardens with sleek planters, ornamental grasses, and sculptural plants like agaves.
Woodland/Shade Garden Design: Characterized by mimicking the natural growth of a woodland area, often under the canopy of trees, and focusing on shade-tolerant plants. Many residential landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, features ferns, hostas, and azaleas, nestled among tall evergreens.
Ecological/Native Landscape Design: These landscapes have an emphasis on plants native to a particular region, fostering biodiversity and reducing water and maintenance needs. Examples of these landscapes are prairie restoration gardens in the American Midwest, featuring native grasses and wildflowers.

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Each landscape design style has its own unique charm, influenced by cultural history, environmental conditions, and individual creativity. When choosing a design for your own space, consider not only the aesthetic, but also the maintenance involved and how the design will function in your particular climate and ecosystem. If you find you need help designing and installing a new landscape, contact Mickey’s Lawnscapes today.

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