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Steps to Landscape Design in Northwest Harbor, NY; Site Analysis to Installation & Maintenance

Do you have the worst yard in the entire neighborhood? Or do you wish to change your current landscaping? When you want to change your landscaping for your front and or backyard, you need to hire a landscaping design and installation service. Even residential property can have professional landscaping design services. Mickey’s LawnScapes would like to share what landscaping design is and its process.

What Does a Landscape Design Include?

Landscaping design is a service that plans, designs, and installs landscapes to create both an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional environment. Landscape design can be utilized in a number of different elements, such as plants, hardscapes (man-made features), water features, lighting, and furniture, to create an enjoyable and beautiful outdoor space. A properly designed landscape can provide many benefits, such as increasing property value, improving curb appeal, reducing energy costs, enhancing privacy and create a wonderful outdoor living space. To create a good landscape design, a professional designer must consider many factors such as the property’s layout, shape, soil type, sun exposure, drainage, and existing vegetation. The designer will also talk with the property owner and work with some of their own ideas, needs and preferences, as well as any local regulations or restrictions.

Sequence to Landscaping Design & Installation

The landscaping design process typically involves several stages, that include a site analysis, landscape development, preliminary design, and final design. The designer will use various tools, such as sketches and computer design programs to communicate the design to the client and contractors. Following is the step by step process of landscape design.
1. Site Analysis – This involves doing a walkthrough of the yard and asses the current state of the property. The designer will look for any challenges the property may pose, such as noise or privacy concerns.
2. Landscape Concept – The landscape designer will work with the client to develop the first “concept” for the design based on their needs, preferences, and budget. This may involve creating sketches or even using a computer program that can help bring the design to life.
3. Preliminary Landscape Design – Based on the concept, the designer will create a preliminary design that includes a detailed plan of the site, including plant locations, hardscapes, lighting, irrigation, and other feature included in the yard design.
4. Alteration & Final Landscape Design – The client will review the preliminary design and provide feedback to the designer. Based on this feedback, the designer will make alterations to the design if needed. Once the design has been finalized, the designer will create detailed construction documents, including a planting plan, material list, and other construction specifications. These documents will be used by contractors to ensure they follow the design when installing the landscape.
5. Landscape Installation – The landscape will then begin. The contractors will follow the design and construction guide to build and install your new landscape.
6. Landscape Maintenance – Once the landscape is finished, the landscape will need maintenance to help keep the yard looking its best. This may include watering, pruning, fertilizing, and pest control.

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