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Is it Possible to Over Water Your Lawn in Greenport, NY? Can Overwatering Turn Grass Brown & Can Overwatered Turf Recover?

Most people talk about the brown spots on their lawn or why it won’t get lush and green. These are all problems that can plaque your lawn but what do you know about overwatering? It may seem odd to think that too much water is bad but it is. If there is too much water on your lawn it can cause some damage and it won’t look the way you want to. The water is necessary for your lawn to grow and flourish as well as sunlight and mowing and other care. The problem is that you can actually give your lawn too much water. If you want to keep a good and beautiful lawn you need to have a plan on how to care for it which includes the amount of water that is necessary. Mickey’s LawnScapes outlines what you need to know about watering your lawn.

What Does Too Much Water on Grass Look Like?

There are several signs that your lawn is being overwatered and you need to make some adjustments. One is simply the feel of the lawn. If you walk out on to the lawn and it feels as if the lawn is springy it can mean your lawn is being over watered. The lawn should feel sturdy and firm when walking across it. You may notice that some areas of the lawn are okay while others feel squishy. You also may notice water that is puddling up around the lawn. The puddles should not exist if you are watering your lawn the right amount. The puddles mean that the water does not have time to absorb. The water then turns into puddles which can then be muddy. Lastly the lawn can show sings that there is fungus growing. You may start to see mushrooms growing within your lawn which are signs that there is fungus.

Why is an Overwatered Lawn Bad?

Some puddles in your lawn is obviously annoying and can lead to a muddy mess but that is not the real problem. If you are overwatering your lawn for a long period of time you can end up with a lawn that won’t last. The grass that is overwatered will have a very shallow root system which will make it impossible to remain. That also means that when the grass goes through a really not summer or a cold winter it will not last and will end up dying. You will end up needed to reseed or lay new sod on the lawn. This will increase the cost of your lawn care.

How Do You Overcome Overwatering?

This can differ depending on the area that you live. You need to always consider the amount of water you get from rain. If it is a lot there is a chance that your watering system will be unnecessary. If you are using a system that is set to a regular watering you need to keep an eye on the lawn when the seasons change. That way you can adjust it as necessary when the weather warms or cools off.

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