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Is it OK to Overseed in the Spring in Shelter Island, NY? What are the Overseeding Lawn Steps?

Growing a lawn is reminiscent of working on a piece of art and requires time and management to ensure a luxurious result that is the envy of your neighbors. Very few people understand the process of overseeding to gain the desired results. If your yard looks a little worse for wear or appears aged, dull, and growing sparsely, overseeding and fertilizing can make a big difference. Your Mickey’s LawnScapes experts are committed to creating and maintaining beautiful lush green lawns across the Montauk & East Hampton areas.

Why Overseeding in the Spring is Worth It

Overseeding in the spring has several benefits to reviving old and worn-looking lawns. Neglected lawns can quickly become overgrown with weeds, but overseeding can restore your grass areas to their former glory. Overseeding is beneficial and can reverse depleted soil conditions, soil erosion, inferior water drainage, insufficient Water, inadequate sunlight, poor air circulation, and overall lawn neglect.

What are the Steps for Overseeding a Lawn?

Whether you own your home, are an avid gardener, or want to make your landscape look the best it possibly can, your Mickey’s LawnScapes expert can give you the results you are looking for and recommend these six techniques to help you achieve and maintain your goals.
1. Mow your grass low: before the overseeding process begins, your Mickey’s LawnScapes professional will mow the grass shorter than usual, rake your lawn and bag up the clippings to ensure dried grass, leaves, and other debris are removed. Mowing and raking will also loosen the topsoil, making it much easier for the grass seed to take root.
2. Quality grass seed – Your Mickey’s LawnScapes expert will advise you on the best grass seed most compatible with your existing grass. For example, new seeds allow fresh, denser grass growth, mainly if your lawn contains cool-season grass varieties. If your property comprises warm-season grass, your Mickey’s LanwnScapes professional will advise which grass types work best for your location.
3. Correct any existing turf issues: If your grass is thin, has bare spots, or looks tired and washed out, your Mickey’s Land Scapes expert may recommend a mixture of seed and fertilizer to maximize growth and refurbish your lawn.
4. Lawn soil: to maximize your results and ensure success, your Mickey’s LawnScapes technician will spread a thin layer of soil across your existing lawn to ensure the seeds enters the ground to produce new grass.
5. Spread the seed: Once your grass has been cut to the desired length, the raking is complete, and all debris and clippings have been removed, your Mickey’s LawnScapes technician will begin the process of overseeding by spreading new seed.
6. Feed and water lawn: to make sure your grass seedlings grow, your new grass must be fed and watered. After your Mickey’s Land Scapes expert finishes this process, water the soil once or twice daily until the seedlings grow to the current height of your lawn grass.

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