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How to Stop a Yard from Eroding in East End of Long Island, NY; Keep Dirt from Washing Away & More

When you finally get the landscaping on your property figured out and installed, the last thing you want to have happen is for it to get washed away due to wind and erosion. This can be devastating. Luckily, there are measures that can be put in place to ensure erosion doesn’t destroy everything you have done to make your yard look beautiful. Mickey’s LawnScapes is here to talk about some of the different options you have to help keep erosion under control.

Different Types of Erosion Control

There are several different options available to homeowners to help them keep erosion from becoming a problem. Here are some of the most commonly used methods.
– Native Plants: There are many ways that growing native plants in your landscape can be helpful when it comes to solving erosion issues. They can help stabilize the soil, slow down rain runoff, and protect the top soil.
– Grass: The intricate root system of grass is another way to keep erosion under control. If you have problematic areas on your property, you might want to consider having some grass put in that space to help.
– Drip Irrigation: Sometimes, the irrigation system you have in place for your landscape can be causing erosion problems. If this is the case on your property, you might want to consider putting in a drip system to help with this issue.
– Retaining Wall: Anytime you have a significant slope on your property, it can be a challenge to keep the soil from eroding. One of the best ways to fix this problem is with a retaining wall that can help to disrupt that slope.
– Dry Creek Beds: Dry creek beds are another way to help with erosion. They can be a nice addition to your landscape as well. The rocks can help protect the soil from rain, hail and other issues and filter that water into the ground. These dry creek beds are extremely easy to maintain as well.
– Trees: When you’re choosing trees for your property, try to stick with native trees as they have vast root systems that can help stabilize the soil.
– Ground Covers: Another potential idea for ideal plants to help slow down erosion is an attractive ground cover. They are low growing plants that creep along the ground as they grow and help to stabilize the soil.
– Mulch: There are several different types of mulch that can be attractive and helpful with erosion as well. They can be made of wood chips, rubber, shredded bark and more.

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If you are struggling with erosion problems in your yard, you can turn to Mickey’s LawnScapes to help you come up with attractive solutions to your erosion problems. We have the skills and training needed to help the soil stay where it is supposed to be. It is our goal to help your landscape thrive. Call us today!

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