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How to Identify Cool Season Weeds in East Hampton, NY; White Clover, Dandelions & Bittercress in Lawns

Are you one of the people that assume that the change in the weather means you don’t have to worry about your lawn anymore? This is not the time to rest when it comes to treating your lawn! There are many people that don’t know this but there are cool weather weeds that can take up your lawn during the cooler months. The winter is here and that means there is a change in the way you care for your lawn but avoiding it until the spring is a bad idea. The cooler weather means most plants are hibernating and they are dormant and not growing. This is not true for all weeds and plants and there are some that are able to continue their growth in the cool temps. If you choose to leave them untreated when the spring rolls around the weeds will prevent your lawn from coming back! You will have dead spots and other problems with your lawn. It is best to know what you are looking for when inspecting for cool weather weeds. Mickey’s Lawnscapes offers a list of cool weather weeds and how to identify them.

White Clover Weeds

If you are concerned about white clovers in your lawn you need to know what to look for. They are a plant that some people use to help balance the nitrogen in the soil but most people see it as a nuisance and want to have it eliminated. The plant has a very easy to identify three leaf patter stem. The three small leaves that each are shaped like an egg and spread out can be seen growing off the stems. At the end of the stem there is often a white clover or flower that is a round ball with many white petals. The problem is that the roots are fibrous and will spread above and even below the soil line spreading fast and wild.

Dandelions are Considered Weeds

If you have kids you have probably seen them running up to hand you a beautiful flower they found at the park. The flower that is handed to you is actually a weed called a dandelion. The dandelion is the bane of existence in lawns every single year. The plant has several identifying characteristics. The first is that the leaves are toothed and will stay very close to the ground. Out of the cluster of the leaves you will see a sprout with a flower at the end. The bright yellow flower at the end is what you can see standing in the middle of your lawn. After the flower has bloomed it turns into the white puff ball that is full of new seeds! People pick them and blow all the seeds off. All that does is spread this invading weed even further!

Bittercress in Lawn

This is a weed that makes an appearance in the summer and also again in the winter! They are able to sprout up and spread out far and wide. The leaves come in twos and come out along the stock. You can also see flowers that will start to come at the ends. One of the problems is that this plant is know to have seeds that fly far and you can spread fast!

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