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How Do You Design & Structure a Flower Bed in Wading River, NY? Research Plants, Arranging & More

Designing a flower bed may seem like a simple task. In most cases, people will design it how they would like it to look and where they would like to build it. However, there is more to designing a flower bed then just looking at an area where you would like to see a beautiful arrangement of flowers. When designing a flower bed there is a lot of factors that a person must consider before having one built. Mickey’s LawnScapes would like to share some of the major considerations and concepts of flowerbeds to help you design the best flowerbed for your home.

How Do You Prepare a Flower Bed Design?

Before you begin designing a flowerbed, first do a little observation. When you have an idea as to where you want a flowerbed built, you first must consider the amount of sun that area gets. Another observation that is beneficial is soil, if you’re in a place where the soil is simply trouble, you will need to either consider a raised flowerbed that can be filled with good soil, or add nutrients to improve the soil’s quality. Consider how you plan to water the flowerbed. You will either water it by hand or install an automatic watering system. You will need to bring water in to the flowerbed site, so make sure that you add your preference to your flowerbed design.

Research Plants

Next you will want to begin researching flowers and other plants you want in the flowerbed along with your notes on soil quality, amount of sunlight and watering methods. Each plant or flower will require a certain amount of sunlight and water. Too much or too less of either can lead to a flowerbed filled with dead plants. Other plants and flowers may need soft soil with certain amounts of nutrients. Yes, plants will require certain types of soil to thrive. This means knowing which plants can thrive in the same environment that you will be providing inside the flowerbed. Some plants will die with too much water and some will die due to too little water. Make sure you pick plants that have similar requirement or needs to make it easier to design your flowerbed and provide the same needs to all of the flowers or plants. Lastly, know each plant and flowers growth space, meaning know how big they will get and how much room they will need. Never plant flowers or other plants too close together or they will interfere with each other’s growth and fight for resources.

Begin Designing Flower Bed

Now we can begin designing the flowerbed. Start by taking a few measurements. Mark the area you plan to put your flowerbed. To help provide a guide, you can outline the area with flour. Flour makes a white outline which can help when taking measurements. Make sure to provide enough space for the plant to grow. With the basic dimensions in mind, you can begin sketching out the flowerbed’s design. Don’t forget to add accent lighting and other features as you begin to sketch out your flowerbed designs. Make note of where you will want each flower or plant planted and other features such as statues or water fountains that you will be adding to your flowerbed.

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Once you have our flowerbed designed and plants picked out, all you need now is an experienced landscape professional. Mickey’s LawnScapes can design and install your home’s flowerbed and landscaping along with many other related services. We can also help with the design too! If you’re ready to give your yard a makeover, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today!

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