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How Can I Make My Lawn More Lush & Green in Laurel, NY? Sod Installation, Aeration, Proper Mowing & More

Millions of Americans spend time outdoors playing host to barbecues, picnics, pool parties and other outdoor activities. With some care and attention, your grass will look lush and green regardless of the summer heat. The knowledgeable experts at Mickey’s LawnScapes understand lawns and how to properly care for and nurture them. We provide expert lawn care services designed to keep your lawn in top-notch condition!

How Can I Make My Grass Thicker, Greener & Healthier?

Test Soil: You can take a sample of your soil to determine the exact measurements of pH along with other essential nutrients including nitrogen and phosphorus.
Fertilize Lawn: One of the most important things to remember about your soil is that there is not a one-size fits-all fertilizer formulation for all types of soil and grass. Once the results of your soil test have been determined, your lawn care expert will select an organic fertilizer to professionally fertilize your lawn to ensure optimal results.
Aerate Lawn: Early spring is the best time to aerate your lawn. Aeration has many benefits such as combatting thatch buildup and soil compaction. Aerating helps the roots of your lawn access oxygen and much-needed nutrients.
Add Calcium to Lawn: As many as 90% of lawn weeds can be attributed to a lack of calcium in the soil. In an ideal situation you should have a calcium-to-magnesium ratio of 7 to 1. You can measure the calcium and make the necessary adjustments using a high-calcium lime mixture to boost absorption of nitrogen and essentially rob weeds of food.
Add Organic Matter to Grass: One of the best things that you can do for your grass is add compost. If you make your own, avoid using compost that is still steaming as this indicates that it is not fully decomposed. Approximately one yard (27 cubic feet) will cover 600 square feet.
Pull Weeds: Have you ever noticed that weeds appear after a summer rain shower? Pull them when the soil is nice and moist, and they will come out easily without damaging your grass.
Get Mower Serviced: If the blades on your mower are dull, they will tear the grass damaging the tips as opposed to cutting the grass with a clean edge. During the peak growing season, you should sharpen the blade after you have used your mower for 8 to 12 hours of mowing time.
Allow Grass to Grow: Let your grass grow to approximately 3 to 3 1/2 inches and allow it to maintain that height during the summer months. This is the ideal height to allow the grass blades to shade weed seeds while also shading the soil to reduce the risk of evaporation.
New Sod Installation: If you are thinking about growing a lawn from scratch, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes to lay down sod. Spring is the optimal time to lay sod because the weather is cooler. Your lawn care professional will recommend the grass that is best suited to the condition of your yard in terms of sun and shade. Once your sod is laid be prepared to water large amount of water on a consistent basis.

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