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How Can I Make My Backyard Nice & Interesting for My Dog in East End of Long Island, NY?

When you have dogs in your life, they are going to be considered when you move to a new home or are making changes to your current home. When it comes to your backyard, many dogs spend hours and hours out there. You want to plan your backyard with your dog in mind, for sure. There are several ways that you can consider your dog as you make plans to landscape your backyard. Mickey’s LawnScapes is here to talk about some ideas for backyard design when you own a dog.

How Do I Keep My Dog Cool Outside in Summer Heat?

The summer months can be brutally hot. If your dog spends a good amount of time outside, you want to have a way for them to stay cool even on the hottest days. Think about adding a water feature to your backyard that your dog can play in when the weather is hot. Some options include:
– Pool: Some dogs can get quite a lot of use out of a swimming pool to help them stay cool and get exercise. Make sure you are choosing the right kind of pool though since chlorinated water isn’t the best for dogs.
– Dipping Pool: If you opt for a dipping pool, it is only 6-8 inches deep and the perfect place for your dog to play. They can even lay down in them depending on their size.
– Fountain: There are fountains of all shapes and sizes that can be helpful in giving your dog somewhere to get a drink on hot days.

What Can I Give My Dog to Dig In?

There are some dogs that love to dig. If this is your dog, you may want to consider a place for them to dig rather than your grass and plants. Creating a pit that is either filled with dirt or sand can provide your dog with a place to go and dig when they find themselves bored. You can encourage your dog to use the dig pit by burying their toys in there and having them go find them.

How to Give Dog Shade

Your dog is definitely doing to need some shade if they spend a lot of time outside during the summer. If your landscape is new and your trees are still young, you may need to build a structure to help with shade for your dog. You can get shade a number of different ways.
– Sail: You can customize a shade sail to whatever size you need.
– Awning: If you don’t want shade all the time, and awning is perfect.
– Pergola: These wood structures generate a great deal of shade.

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If you have a dog and are designing your backyard space, don’t forget to include them in the landscape design. You will need to think about your dog’s needs as you design the perfect space. Mickey’s LawnScapes can help make your vision for your backyard a reality with our landscaping services. Call us today!

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