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Does Cat Pee Hurt Grass & Ruin Your Lawn in Riverhead, NY? Protect it with Tolerant Grasses, Turf Repair & More

Devoted pet owners throughout the East End Island of New York are doing everything they can to make their pets comfortable, happy and healthy. Those with pets are equally passionate about having a green, lush and healthy lawn. But sometimes, the treatments involved in maximizing the lawn can have ill effects on our pets, in this instance cats specifically. To ensure the lawn is cared for optimally and your feline friend isn’t negatively impacted, we at Mickey’s LawnScapes would like to take the opportunity to discuss how the lawn may be impacting your cat and vice versa.

Can Cat Pee Hurt Grass? How to Protect It

The urine of pets such as cats and dogs contains high levels of nitrogen. If they urinate on lawns the nitrogen overdose can kill the grass. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to minimize the damage such as water the affected lawn patches thoroughly to flush away nitrogen. Tablets are available that you can give your cats and dogs to help bind nitrogen and reduce lawn damage from urine. In addition to planting more tolerant grass species such as fescues and perennial rye grasses, you can also hire a professional like Mickey’s LawnScapes to repair the affected lawn areas. It is also important to not over fertilize the lawn with high nitrogen fertilizers as this will mean any additional nitrogen from urine overdoses the lawn and can harm your pets.

Is Lawn Fertilizer & Pesticides Harmful to Cats?

The fertilizers and pesticides used to nourish and preserve lawns can have ill-effects on felines. Unless you confined your cat to strictly the indoors, there is a good chance your cat enjoys to spend a fair portion of the day outside. Outside, particularly doing what kitties do best on your lawn increases their risk of coming into toxic substances. For medicinal reasons, animals, including cats will nibble on grass and other plants. In addition to their instincts for nibbling on the blades, the cats will step into the chemically treated fertilizers and insecticides or brush against any treated plants which they will then lick as they clean their paws and fur while they groom themselves.

Symptoms of Chemical Fertilizer Poisoning in Cats

Minimal exposure will probably not influence the cat to have serious problems, in large doses, depending on the each cat, can effect mildly to severely with the following symptoms:
– Abdominal Pain
– Bowel Obstruction
– Breathing Abnormalities
– Diarrhea
– Drooling
– Muddy-colored gums
– Nausea
– Strange Posture
– Vomiting
Cats under a year old, senior cats, or those prone to illness are more susceptible to the ill-effects when making contact with types of chemical treatments for your lawn. It can even lead to eye damage, the GU tract, liver, muscles, and kidney failure. Even cats that are exclusively indoor cats can still be at risk from when traces are brought on the bottom of shoes and deposited around the home. Dogs and even children are equally at risk for the wrong pesticide and fertilizers being used on lawns. When the treatments are too much for your pets and children, the health problems can be problematic.

Use Lawn Care Chemicals Safe for Kids & Pets

When it comes to protecting your cat, or other pets, and kids, the source starts at the lawn. You still want the lawn for the aesthetics and a comfortable place the pets and children can relax and have fun. Watering the lawn properly is the first thing, followed by proper manicuring and ensuring the lawn maintains optimal lengths. When it comes to fertilizer, pest, and even weed treatments, professionals have access to products that are effective for their intended use but safe on pets and children

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Investing in professional lawn care will keep your lawn beautiful, green, soft, and lush without having to give it the time and stress involved in the labor. Additionally, experts can properly apply the optimal treatments that are safe for pets and kids. If you are looking for professional care for your lawn in the East End of Long Island, NY area, call in the experts of A Mickey’s LawnScapes and let our specialists do the rest.

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