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What is the Best Way to Protect Trees & Shrubs in Fall & Winter in East Hampton North, NY?

As the vibrant colors of autumn give way to the stillness of winter, many gardeners will shift their attention away from their yards. However, these cooler months offer a prime opportunity for tree and shrub care. Having proper care for your trees and shrubs during this dormant season can provide a number of benefits. Mickey’s LawnScapes will share why fall and winter care is essential for the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs.

Cold Temperature Tree & Shrub Care

Recovery and Preparation – After the growing season, trees and shrubs can benefit from some tender, love and care. Fall and winter care helps them recover from the stresses of summer and prepares them to burst forth healthily in spring.
Disease and Pest Management – Many pests and diseases are dormant or less active during the colder months. Addressing issues in fall and winter can prevent larger problems in spring and summer. For example, pruning dead or diseased branches now reduces the chance of disease spread.
Best Time for Pruning – For many trees and shrubs, late fall and winter are ideal times for pruning. Without the canopy of leaves, it is easier to see and shape the structure. Additionally, with the plants being dormant, they are less vulnerable to stress or disease transmission from pruning cuts.
Boosting Root Growth – While the above ground parts of trees and shrubs are dormant, the roots can still grow in the cooler months, especially in the early part of fall. Providing proper care, including watering during dry spells, can encourage stronger root systems.
Mulching Benefits – Applying mulch in the fall helps retain soil moisture and maintains the ground’s temperature, protecting roots from harsh temperature fluctuations. As the mulch breaks down, it also enriches the soil, benefiting the trees and shrubs.
Improved Nutrient Absorption – Late fall is a prime time for fertilizing trees and shrubs. The nutrients are stored and then utilized in the spring when the growth surge begins, giving your plants a head start.
Protection Against Winter Damage – Taking precautions, like wrapping young trees or applying anti-desiccants to broadleaf evergreens, can prevent winter burn and damage from harsh conditions.
Planning and Assessment – The dormant season is an excellent time for assessment. With no leaves in the way, you can observe the architecture of your trees and shrubs, plan future pruning, or even decide if you need to plant or relocate any specimens in the coming year.
Cost-Effective Care – Many arborists and tree care companies have more availability during these off-peak months and might offer services at reduced rates compared to the busy spring and summer months.

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Fall and winter are not just about staying warm and cozy indoors. These seasons are critical periods for the care and maintenance of your trees and shrubs. With some attention to detail during these cooler months, you set the stage for vibrant growth, robust health, and reduced problems come spring and summer. If you need help providing the proper carpet for your trees, shrubs and other areas of your landscape, contact Mickey’s LawnScapes today.

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